We founded the SURAG Medical GmbH

We founded the SURAG Medical GmbH

We founded the SURAG Medical GmbH 2345 1232 SURAG

After thorough preparation, we founded the SURAG Medical GmbH on June 23. With this, we have created the conditions for the continuation of our project outside the university. That allows us to focus fully on our way towards market entry.

We are delighted to announce that we officially founded SURAG Medical GmbH in Magdeburg. Dr. Alfredo Illanes (CEO), Thomas Sühn (CTO), Nazila Esmaeili (CSO), Moritz Spiller (CCO), Dr. Axel Boese (MedTech & Regulatory Advisor) and Prof. Michael Friebe (Business Advisor) took this significant step towards our goal of empowering surgeons with an intraoperative guiding system for laparoscopy and further minimally invasive procedures.

Our network provided invaluable advice and shared experiences throughout the weeks we spent preparing the required documents for the foundation. Thanks a lot for your support. The achievement of this milestone motivates us all the more to put all our entrepreneurial drive and effort into bringing our innovation to the operating theatre.

We are also very grateful for the continuous support from the INKA Research Group. This chair is hosting us during our EXIST Research Transfer at the University Clinic in Magdeburg, and the inspiring and supportive environment there is ideal for generating innovations like ours.

However, this is just the beginning, and we have several crucial challenges ahead of us in the coming months. Most importantly, we plan to raise the first round of seed funding in the last quarter of 2021. In particular, this funding will enable us to adapt our internal processes to regulatory requirements and finalize the development of our clinical demonstrator.

We are confident to achieve those milestones as well and will report about that here – so stay tuned!