Andrew Gumbs

Andrew Gumbs 620 888 SURAG

The SURAG technology is the first to use sound to guide medical instruments in surgery by, in essence, listening to surgical instruments. Surgical Audio Guidance is a significant breakthrough that could significantly improve minimally invasive…

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Patrick Schuler

Patrick Schuler 578 800 SURAG

Surgeons use standard surgical instruments from the first day of their career. SURAG with its simple plug-and-play solution would allow us to keep our instruments, but perform the procedure in a more confident way. Prof.…

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Christoph Arens

Christoph Arens 2518 3457 SURAG

I started a great partnership with SURAG in early 2020. I am highly impressed by the potentials to give back the haptic perception to surgeons in minimally invasive surgery without changing surgical instrument and workflow.…

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